We supply metal parts to different industries.
The parts are produced to meet our customers' specific requirements.

RJ Shields
RJ Shields RJ-45 shields, RJ-45 with USB shields. Different number of ports is produced
Metal Shields for Electronic Components
High precision shields for telecommunication modules and electronic modules
Metal Parts for Power Supply(1)
Power supply housings, EMI shields, brackets etc
Metal Parts for Power Supply(2)
Power supply housings, bus bars, heatsinks etc
Automobile Parts
High precision metal stamped parts for automobile industry
Thermal Management
The most innovative and cost effective heat sinks for high density, small size electronic packaging. Both customized and standard parts are available with short lead-time.
Electronics Components
High precision sheet metal parts are used in electronics and electrical industries
Deep Drawn Parts
High quality deep drawn parts for different industries
Injection Moulded Parts
Stamped metal parts molded with plastic
Die Casting Parts
High quality electro-plated or spray-painted cast metal parts for different industries
Assembly Parts
Customized parts assembled from stamped metal parts, cast metal parts and plastic parts